Cara koneksi internet simpati unlimited telkomsel flash

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Now a lot of internet connections at low prices. Discussed now is the way of sympathy Telkomsel unlimited internet connection is actually not common anymore as it was already there in his own service Telkomsel. KIf not a new one appeared in 2010. How to unlimited internet connection is not free but paid at a cost of 100 thousand per month or it could be in 2 weeks at a cost of 50 thousand.

Well, for those of you who do not want to think about the amount of quota used and the active period of the prime card for your internet connection, this method is very effective. Prime sympathy cards you normally use can be used to get this unlimited internet connection. The trick is very simple.

Here’s how to get unlimited internet connection package Telkomsel sympathy with the modem update by cossierandi August 2010:

1.1. Before the connection, send an SMS to 3636 with the first SMS format:

- ON <space> <space> UL type 50 000 or UL <space> ON <space> <space> 50K or UL or UL 50 000 <space> REG REG <space> <space> 50K for unlimited internet package for 2 weeks.

Wait for a reply. Having returned then there will be questions to confirm details. UL type <space> YES
- Type UL <space> <space> ON ON 100 000 or UL <space> <space> <space> 100K or UL or UL 100 000 <space> REG REG <space> <space> 100K for unlimited internet package for 1 month.

2. Wait for a reply. Having returned then there will be questions for further confirmation. UL type <space> YES

3. If it has been confirmed for unlimitednya internet package, then there will be congratulatory, that the requested package can now be used along with the active period of the unlimited internet package.

4. Open the modem application is used, this time I use the modem sierra by using software or the application itself that is inherited from the sierra Wirelles Sierra Watcher which can be downloaded at page downloaded from this cossierandi here. Or read first how to connect internet using a modem sierra is here.

5. Open the settings menu, create a new profile with the name of SingTel or Compassion Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited or the Internet or Internet Telkomsel Unlimited Sympathy and ignore the other settings or just leave the settings at the default position. Simply fill in the name of the internet APN. For Username and Password blank.

6. After the settings finished, use the profile you created earlier as the default settings of your unlimited internet connection and click the Connect button

7. Open Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer or Opera mini software for browsing the Internet or another. But I recommend to use Mozilla FireFox for faster or use Opera Mini to your Unlimted Internet connection does not stop in the middle of the road before reaching the destination.

8. Open the network settings and select the No Proxy proxy settings. Usually unlimited internet settings in Mozilla FireFox or other internet browsing software already in the No Proxy settings unless you have altered the settings for the internet is trying to free Internet connection by changing Proxy.

9. Try the Google address, because it is not too heavy. Well if successful then you certainly have been able to go to another website address.

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